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June 18, 2018

Advisory 3 Embassy Repatriation



  1. For many years now, the Philippine Embassy and the labor office have been repatriating overstaying OFWs, or those with no visas, back to the Philippines.
  2. Those with NO VISAS may avail of this Repatriation Program by signing up now and having your name listed at the embassy.
  3. You may see Ms. Cathy Gison or any case officer at the Philippine Embassy extension office in Hateen.
  4. If you don’t have a passport, we will issue a travel document, FREE.
  5. Like in all countries, a person who has no visa in Kuwait will be sent back to his own country.
  6. That is why we need to have valid visas. Let’s not wait for a crackdown to happen, where there will be visa checkings.
  7. For now, the embassy will coordinate its own Repatriation Program with the repatriation program of the Kuwait government. It will be faster if you are prepared to buy your ticket.
  8. The Kuwait government will repatriate or send home all foreigners, including OFWs, with no visas.
  9. So for those of us WITH VISAS, just renew and extend your passport if it has less than one year validity.
  10. Again, for those of us WITH NO VISAS, we need to think of the long term solution, going home first to fix our papers, and to be better prepared next time we go abroad. This is the law in all countries.

God bless !


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