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January 22, 2017


Filipinos Should Read This Update from the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait

1. IMMIGRATION/VISA NEW POLICY ON FAMILY SPONSORSHIP The immigration department had increased the SALARY requirements for those who are planning to sponsor their family ( that includes husband/wife, children, brother/sister) from 250KD to 450KD. Those sponsors with existing visa on their dependents is exempted in the new policy, their visa can be renewed with your

New Water and Electric Bill Rates

Will the increase in water and electric tariff affect house / flat rent in Kuwait? I hope not. As of now the average monthly rent for a flat with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a small kitchen, ranges from 200 to 250 KD and a 2 bedroom flat cost around 300 KD with free water

Sultan Center Salmiya Closed

Sultan Center Salmiya was shutdown by Balidiya temporarily. According to some comments, it was closed for 2 hours. Is it because of the video that circulated on social media showing rat roaming around? This is also not the first time that balidiya closed huge establishments. Sultan Center Salwa has shut down in 2012  


Health Insurance to Increase to KD 130

According to the article posted by AymanMatNews, health insurance will increase from the current cost of KD 50 to KD 130. The health insurance will only affect workers working under private companies. It was not mentioned in the article if this is going to affect the health insurance price for employees dependents or those who

Required Salary To Get A Visit Visa Raised

Previously, the required salary for bringing a family member on a visit visa is 250 KD and now according to the new visa application measures, expatriates must have a salary of 300 KD in his Ishniamal or the ‘green paper’. Under new visa application measures, an expatriate in Kuwait is now required to have a

iphone 7 price in Kuwait

Below are the current prices of the iPhone 7 in Kuwait, the cheapest online seems to be Best Electronics.   Best Electronics iPhone 7 32GB: KD238 iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: KD326 Blink iPhone 7 32GB: KD259 iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: KD375 Lulu iPhone 7 32GB: KD240 iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: N/A Taw9eel iPhone 7 32GB:

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