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Change Civil ID Latin Name

change civil id details

A Few weeks ago, I wrote about how you can correct your English name to match the name on your passport online, unfortunately, after weeks of waiting and when my ID is finally ready, no changes were made.

I called PACI call center to verify if the systems have already changed my name and I was told that the status that they can see is that my Civil ID is ready and changes have been made, but when I asked for the agent to read the first name, it is still the same.

The agent advised me to proceed to the immigration department with my original passport and civil ID so they could do the changes there. I am skeptical if the only thing that I need to present is my passport and my civil ID, so, next week I will go to PACI with a copy of my passport, civil ID and I will post an update here.

Note: I still have my visa sticker on my passport and an old civil id (without the passport number on it). I just wanted to change my english name to match what’s on my passport.

UPDATE 1: I just got my daughters civil ID after my visit at PACI to show my daughters passport, to correct the passport number in her civil ID. They got the passport number correct, now, the problem is her English name has no surname and no space in between her first and second name.


Isang ordinaryong OFW sa Kuwait na kagaya ng lahat na gising, ligo, trabaho ang routine araw-araw at nangangarap na balang araw ay makakauwi na ang lahat ng OFW sa Pilipinas na hindi na maghihirap.

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  1. Hello dear I have a problem with my civil ID now it 2nd time I have payed for it the English Name and passport no match to my passport no and name but the arabic name they have done small mistake like my name and my father last name and 1st name in the last just want to ask will it create any prob to travel or in or out? I have no time 27april I have to travel if u can help?

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