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The filipino badminton association of Ahmadi

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The Filipino Badminton Association of Ahmadi – Kuwait (FBAA) is considered one of the best badminton organizations in the State of Kuwait as recognized by the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. It is a non- profit, non-cultural and non-political organization which aim is to promote the game of badminton and to encourage the spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship among the fellow expatriate members in Kuwait. The Club is growing and currently boasts more than 200 Members.
For the past 4 years, FBAA has organized more than 15 Major Tournaments and 20 One or Two Days Tournament to test and improve the skill of its members and has been regularly featured as one of the major sporting events in major Kuwait newspapers and The Filipino International News channel.

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  1. Please i, i am a disable badminton player, i am coming for a two weeks tour to kuwait so i need a coach to coach me,
    please i need your message through mail.

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