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Philippine Bodybuilders and Fitness Association

kuwait bodybuilders and fitness association

Philippine Bodybuilders & Fitness Association in Kuwait (PBBFAK)

kuwait bodybuilders and fitness association

Philippine Bodybuilders and Fitness Association in Kuwait (PBBFAK) is a non-religious and non-partisan group composed of Filipino bodybuilders and fitness trainers who are residing in Kuwait. Most of the members are gym instructors and fitness trainers as well as enthusiasts in bodybuilding and fitness training. They have been competing and represented the Philippines in various bodybuilding local and international competitions. This group is usually invited for security or marshall during events or concerts. The aims and objectives of the group are:

  • To expand the Filipino competitors raising the level of competitiveness in bodybuilding.
  • To build camaraderie amongst members, individual competitors and enthusiasts.
  • To build competence in organizing local and national competitions and raising funds to assist the organization with its development and community programs such as donating to distressed OFW’s in Kuwait, calamity victims and charitable institutions in the Philippines.
  • To promote and advocate fair play, ethics and integrity amongst all competitors, trainers, organizers and sponsors.
  • To be a conduit in educating fellow bodybuilders and enthusiasts from novice to advanced professional on bodybuilding and fitness training.
  • To be recognized as an organization that can refer highly qualified fitness trainers to gyms in Kuwait.

For any inquiries, you can contact President Ricardo “Ric” Soriano at +965 50633754 or email or Nelson Totanes at +965 51188482, email


Below is my list of officers:

President : Ricardo L. Soriano
Vice-President : Mariel M. Garganera
Treasurer : Nelson V. Totanes
Secretary : Blanche B. Bravo
Auditor 1 : Rey L. Lilo-An
Auditor 2 : Rogelio S. Jaranilla
Coordinator : Jonathan S. Pateno
Business Manager : Aaron A. Fernando
Sgt. at Arms : Alan B. Tirso
Sgt. at Arms : Allan M. Salamanca

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    1. Kamusta mga brother isa aq ofw 4yrs n dtos kuwait gusto q sna mgpamember s enyo poh f pagkakalooban ninyo! Salamat

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