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June 19, 2018

Half-Naked Man at Fast-Food Chain

A reader of OFW Kuwait Network send me an image of a half-naked guy which he said was taken at a fast-food restaurant at Farwaniya. He also said that his friend, from different nationality, send him this photo and he claimed that the photo was taken by one of his friend. Turned out that there’s a story about this that is not a laughing matter.


Read the story behind this half-naked man.

According to the site pinoytrending, this image which becomes “talk of the town” few days ago was buying a food for his dying mother.

The image below of a half-naked man wearing pants and a towel to cover his body was shared on social media.

The source of pinoytreding who they said a friend of the guy in the picture says that his dying mother loves to eat at this restaurant which is at some branch at Northern Luzon.

half-naked man at jollibee

I tried sending messages and I also tried researching about the picture but I could not find anything other than the same picture which was shared at twitter but i still didn’t get any response.



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