iPhone 5 in Kuwait Price

iPhone 5 in Kuwait Price

How much does iPhone 5 (16GB) cost in Kuwait?

Electrozan345 297 KWD

Alghanim Xcite – 299 KWD

Eureka – 350 297 KWD

Souq.com333 307 289.900 269 KWD

Geant 360 Mall360 339 KWD

FCC – 399 KWD

Office Depot – 329 KWD

There’s been a fuzz about this iPhone 5, not only in Kuwait. Is it really worth it?

iPhone 5 in Kuwait Price

Please note that the prices above are taken from comments on facebook and we have not confirmed any of those prices yet to the stores and dealers. We will be updating the prices on this iPhone 5 from time to time.

Just updated the prices for iPhone 5 in Kuwait

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    1. It depends on what are you looking for a good phone.. :)
      while some prefer iphones other prefer a more “tweak” friendly smart phones.

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