Last April 14 of this year officials of Jollibee and Chowking visited Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. Recently I’ve seen lot’s of pictures of Jollibee’s signage all over Kuwait. They are just photoshop / edited, and I still heard people were talking about the opening of Jollibee, the rumor was that there’s a Jollibee that is being constructed at Hawally and one at Kuwait city.

[custom_frame_center shadow=”off”]Jollibee Kuwait[/custom_frame_center]

[custom_frame_center shadow=”off”]Jollibee Kuwait[/custom_frame_center]

Photos from: www.tropaks.org

Until I saw pictures of Jollibee being constructed at Kuwait City beside the Caesars Restaurant & Kodak Photo lab. At first I thought it was just another edited under construction Jollibee.

[custom_frame_center shadow=”off”]Jollibee Kuwait City[/custom_frame_center]

Photos from: Ariel Delmoro

For those who don’t know. Jollibee first opened its store in Kuwait 1994 until 1999.


Update 1: Al-Hajery noted that within two weeks Jolibee Kuwait will be turned over to them and that they are in the process of securing visas for 30 trained and experienced Jollibee crews and managers right now. The new Jolibee Kuwait crew will be arriving here in Kuwait by first and second week of December.

I guess that would answer most of the question on Jolibee Kuwait hiring. They already got the slots filled. But we still don’t have any idea about the agency in the Philippines that facilitated the hirings.

Update 2: Jollibee Kuwait is still close until now December 28, 2011.