Steps you need for misplaced Civil ID

Below is the procedure, requirements and steps on how you could secure your Kuwait civil ID if you lost it.

What you need to prepare

  • Passport copy
  • Shuon paper or company paper
  • Police report (Not required but necessary)

If you already have the above requirements you can proceed to the procedures below


  • Visit PACI office. For location click [here]
  • Go to the counter and tell that person you lost your Civil ID
  • Pay KD 10 for the processing plus the paper that they will issue as temporary ID (I don’t know how much)

You can check if your Kuwait Civil ID is ready by going to PACI website by clicking [here]

Note: Processing of your new Kuwait Civil ID would take up to 60 days or 2 months


Procedure for Civil ID renewal

Renewing Residence
After the initial residence has expired it can be renewed, provided the expatriate intends to continue under the same sponsor. Renewal is a fairly simple matter. Applications are made at the jawazaat in Shuwaikh and the process should be started a month before the expiry of the current residence.
Medical tests are not required on renewal. However the employee’s work permit must first be renewed with the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour. The application for renewal must be supported by:

  • the employee’s passport and a copy of it,
  • the renewed work permit, and
  • a copy of the sponsor’s signature as required for business purposes.

Normally the sponsor or his official ‘mandoub’ will attend at the jawazaat to renew the employee’s iqama. Where the employee does so himself, he must have a letter from his sponsor authorising him to do so.

What you will need

  • Old Kuwait Civil ID

Procedure option 1: Over the phone

  • Dial 889988
  • Press 2
  • Press 1 (option for ‘service)
  • Enter you Kuwait Civil ID number

Procedure option 2: Over the internet

  • Go to PACI website by clicking [here]
  • Enter you Kuwait Civil ID number and follow the instructions

Receive your new card at the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers’ Building, ground floor, Reception Hall. Pay the card acquisition fees

Civil ID Renewal – For renewal just send “Capital R space civil id number” to 1889988
Civil ID Status – For enquiry send “Capital I space civil id number” to 1889988
Checking about a posted envelope send “Capital E space envelope number” to 1889988

For questions email me at or just leave a message here

The PACI administrative department will working hours is from 9 am until 1:30 pm, while the registration offices for citizens and foreigners will open from 9 am to 1 pm. The sections for CIVIL ID where the cards are issued will open from 9am to 4 pm.

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PACI has an online application for new Civil ID for infants. Simply visit their website at and follow the steps within. You must prepare a picture of the parents civil id, birth certificate and passport.

It is very convenient and you will get the ID in about 2 to 3 days.

Application for Visa for New Born in Kuwait

New Born Baby
When a baby is born to expatriates in Kuwait, the parents must obtain a dependent’s iqama for the child. There is no minimum salary requirement and the father of child born in Kuwait can sponsor his infant’s residence irrespective of his salary level.
But first the parents must obtain a birth certificate for the child. The hospital where the child was born will provide a notification of the birth. This must be taken to the registry of births in the governorate in which the birth took place to obtain the official birth certificate. The hospital will provide the address. The additional documents required to obtain the birth certificate include: application form duly comp-leted, photocopies of parents’ passport and civil IDs, and authenticated marr-iage contract. The birth certificate is usu-ally ready to be picked up at the registry after about a week. The fee is KD10.
When the notification is being submitted at the registry, the parents will be asked to write down the proposed first name of the child. For expatriates who do not speak Arabic the name will be written phonetically in Arabic.
To obtain residence the baby’s name must first be added to the parent’s passport or a separate passport must be obtained for the infant. To obtain a passport for the child, different emba-ssies have different rules, but most non-Arabic embassies require a certified translation of the child’s birth certificate while some require the birth certificate to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait.
Once a passport has been procured or the child has been added to one of its parent’s passport, the procedures for obtaining the child’s residence are the same as for any dependent. An infant born in Kuwait however is not required to undergo medical tests and fingerprinting. The documents required include the originals and copies of the father’s passport, the civil IDs of both parents, marriage certificate, work permit and letter of employment indicating salary. The application for the infant’s residence must be made within 60 days of the birth to avoid a fine of KD 200.
Where the father works in the private sector, the administrative fee for the new-born infant is KD100 in the first year for the first and second child, and KD200 in the first year for the third and subsequent children. But if the father works in the public sector, there is no charge in the first year for the first three children, while the charge for each subsequent child is KD100 in the first year. The actual residence fee is KD10 a year. Source: