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health insurance online

Recently, I renewed my daughter’s civil id and I found out that the Jabriya health insurance office, where I usually get the health insurance for my family, as a requirement for renewing the civil id is already closed.

The building security guy who was present that time told me that I have to do it online.

So, how can you apply for health insurance online for renewing your civil id?

1. Visit the online insurance system website [here]

2. Create an account (use your civil id if you are renewing for your dependents and not theirs)

3. Once logged in, select the necessary type of residence. Mine is for my daughter who’s 4-years-old

kuwait health insurance

4. Select the insurance status, add the civil id of your dependent, fill out the rest of the required field.

kuwait health nsurance online

5. Finally, pay the amount, print the receipt and include it on your civil id renewal documents

Note: Your passport should be valid for MORETHAN 1 years. Mine was 1 year and 1 day when I applied and I have to go to the computer section to “cancel” the note, so I could get the visa.

Once done you will receive an SMS and a link where you can confirm if whether the details are all correct. And probably this where you can do all the corrections if needed, without the need to visit the immigration office again.

civil id renewal name correction

Some important matters that you should take note

  1. As of  13/03/2017  , a civil card must be paid in advance for printing.
  2. Cards issued and not received prior to  13/03/2017  , the issuance fee will be applied to the original owner or sponsor.
  3. A penalty of KD 20  will be applied if the renewal or issuance of a civil card is not required according to the accommodation materials shown in the table below.
Accommodation materialThe grace period
Government residence – Article (17)30 days  from the date of issuance of residence
Establishment of the civil sector – Article (18)60 days  from the date of issuance of work permit 
Article (19)30 days  from the date of issuance of residence
The establishment of servants and the like – Article (20)30 days  from the date of issuance of residence
Enrollment in the family – Article (22)30 days  from the date of issuance of residence 
Residence for study – Article (23)30 days  from the date of issuance of residence 
Residency for the financially capable – Article (24)30 days  from the date of issuance of residence 
Newborns in Kuwait60 days  from the date of birth 

3. All fees and/or fines for the issuance of civil cards owed by all members of the family must be paid at the same time. 4. If the civil ID is not received within 6 months from the date of printing, the card will be destroyed and the individual must re-register the application or renew a civil card and pay the issuance fee again.5. In the case of a review by the Public Authority for Civil Information for any transaction requiring the issuance of a civil card, new photographs must be submitted in accordance with the standard specifications of the images – provided they are not identical to any previously scanned image


Isang ordinaryong OFW sa Kuwait na kagaya ng lahat na gising, ligo, trabaho ang routine araw-araw at nangangarap na balang araw ay makakauwi na ang lahat ng OFW sa Pilipinas na hindi na maghihirap.

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