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How to Get a Driving License in Kuwait

kuwait drivers license

How to apply for Kuwait Drivers License.

Check if you are eligible to apply by asking these questions:

  1. Are you a degree holder?
  2. Is your salary in your (green paper) 600KD or above?
  3. Are you a resident in Kuwait for 2 years up?
  4. Is your current job title exempted with the 600 KD salary bracket (Engineer, doctor, accountant, MOH nurse, mandouf, etc..)

If you are eligible then you can follow these steps and procedure

Documents needed:

  1. Go to muror (Kuwait Traffic office) and ask for an application form
  2. Bring the form to your office to get your sponsor’s signature
  3. Request for a copy of your salary certificate, “green paper”, company license
  4. Have your university degree translated in arabic and have it authenticated
  5. original and copy of passport and civil id
  6. blood group certificate

Steps once you’ve secured all necessary documents:

  1. Submit documents to Muror – an officer will check them and if there is no problem with your documents they will provide you a paper for your eye test
  2. bring the paper to the government eye clinic and bring the paper back to Muror and take a 10KD stamp
  3. Once you submitted the documents with the eye test result, you will have your photo taken
  4. You will be given a green paper (istimara)
  5. Bring your Istimara to any of Kuwait’s driving school. In my case, I went to Kuwait Motoring Company
  6. Enroll yourself in a driving school. Prices vary depending on the number of days that you will be given after one of their driving instructor’s assessment on your driving skills. 4 days = 98KD, 7 days = 128KD and 158KD for 10 days driving lesson plus 10KD stamp.
  7. Get your driving test schedule after your driving lesson

Driving test day

  1. Be sure to arrive early on your driving test day
  2. Theoretical test will be given first before the practical test
  3. if you pass the theoretical test then you can proceed to the practical test, if not then you need to retake the test after 2 days (i think)

TIPS on practical driving test

  1. Greet the officer with a smile 🙂
  2. Be sure to adjust all the mirrors and your seat
  3. put on your seat belt
  4. Ask the officer to put on his seat belt
  5. Check your surrounding by turning your head around before you change the gear to reverse.
  6. Take it easy on accelerator and brake
  7. Be polite and say, thank you

Thank you @Mangarap Ka sa corrections. ^_^


Isang ordinaryong OFW sa Kuwait na kagaya ng lahat na gising, ligo, trabaho ang routine araw-araw at nangangarap na balang araw ay makakauwi na ang lahat ng OFW sa Pilipinas na hindi na maghihirap.

50 thoughts on “How to Get a Driving License in Kuwait

  1. hi mr. jdc do copy of salary certificate need?im engineer and i have already all the documents except salary certificate.salamat sa reply

  2. hi mr. jdc do copy of salary certificate need?im engineer and i have already all the documents except salary certificate.salamat sa reply

  3. “Have your university degree translated in arabic and have it authenticated”
    Hi you mean we need to get it attested from Ministry of forein affairs and Indian embassy?

  4. I have a Ph License about 3 months here in Kuwait and like to apply for Kuwait License. Do they I need to go through the same process or do they just convert my PH License to Kuwait one? Thanks

  5. Dear sir
    I want to issue only motorbike license. But thers is some little problem thats i am not came here on sahayak visa and i am to of 20 visa. So is it possible for making of 2 wheelers license. And i have good qualification and degree.. So it comes to help me out of this problem. Of my pls describe me in detsils. Thank you

  6. hello.. I have 600 KD Salary in my iznamil… i have a degree.. but my company kept my qualification as high school in iznamil.. Can i get Drivers license?

  7. Hi.. I have 600 KD in my iznamil.. with foremen position.. but my qualification in iznamil is high school.. is it possible to get Driver’s License.. I have my attested degree certificate also

  8. hi… I am an Engineer and my salary is 350KD on my Iznamil. I came to kuwait in 2015. am i eligible to get Driving license now??? can i apply ???

    1. Tungkol dun po sa original and photocopy of passport and civil id. Need po ba ang original na passport or photocopy lng kasi ang original na passport q nsa sponsor q.

      1. mas mainam po kung dala nyo skaling hanapin ung original for verification. hingiin nyo po sa employer nyo ung passport nyo. Ang alam ko po e dapat tayo ang may hawak ng passport at hindi sila

  9. good day!

    I came to kuwait with visit visa last apr 2017 and I was able to drive with my International Driving Permit issued in Manila. However now I got the residence permit in kuwait and unable to drive with the IDP.

    I have 2 GCC driving license from UAE and Qatar but the problem it is no longer valid. Now I read the traffic regulation for license exchange, I am hoping that I can change my phil license with kuwait. It is now on process with the attestation in Kuwait Embassy in Manila (LTO Driver License & my Diploma in Engineering).

    I know I am exempted being a mechanical engineer & with salary above required.

    Now my question, do you think they will change my valid Phil License with Kuwait License?

    Do I need to start all over again to get a Kuwait License?

    Thanks for those who will contribute.

    1. I think kailangan nyong dumaan sa proseso ng pagkuha ng Kuwait drivers license at sa tingin ko po ay hindi pwedeng i change lang or iconvert ung Phil license sa Kwt license.

  10. I am an Engineer and my salary is on the range of the cut off. I have a UAE driving license active until now since I just here for special project. Actually I just got my visa here in Kuwait a week ago. My question is are they just convert my UAE driving license into Kuwait Driving license or I still have to undergo on the process. Please advice, Thank you very much.

    1. If you have a valid UAE D/L and UAE Resident. You can drive in Kuwait using your UAE D/L, just you go to any insurance company to have you insured before driving in case of any accident.

    1. Hi..I’m working in the Embassy of Guyana as an accountant with the salary of 340 kd.. Am i able to apply for driving license ?

  11. I apologize if I offended anyone with my corrections. Surely, JDC’s article is very helpful indeed. I just think that he was in a rush and inadvertently made some mistakes.

    Anyway, I just recently passed the driving exam after 3 failed attempts. I just want to give some help and advice to those who intend to get a license to atone for my “sins”.

    I took the exam at Ahmadi Morur.

    Please remember this: the most important test in order for anyone to pass the driving test is the PARALLEL PARKING test. Nobody told me this before because I did not enroll in any driving center.

    See how to do it in the youtube video below:

    Also, if you don’t intend to enroll in Learner Drivers, like me, you can rent cars at Abu Halifa open field practice driving range for KD 5 per hour. The guys there will teach you how to parallel park correctly. If you will be taking your exam somewhere else, you can ask around where you could practice driving. Taxi drivers usually know where these driving ranges are.

    During my first exam, I tried to arrange for a Wasta. But then because of too much corruption in Ahmadi Morur, the government decided to change all officers there. Everyone there is now new and would not accept bribes, so I failed. The second time, I also tried to enlist a Wasta, but then the police who was administering the exam would not accept bribes, so again, I failed. The third time, I tried to look for another Wasta. But then again, he would not accept bribes, so I failed.

    I was so pissed off that I did not want to enlist the help of a wasta anymore. I told myself that if I did not pass on the 4th attempt, I will not be taking another test anymore. What I did was I watched youtube videos on how to parallel park and went to Abu Halifa everyday for an hour of practice.

    Alhamdulillah, I passed on the 4th attempt. I thought I did not pass because I was still not set on parking completely when the police told me to go. I was really surprised to know that I passed when the result came out.

    What I realized is that they actually do not need the testers to finish the parking. All they want to see is that you know how to maneuver the vehicle. If you know how to maneuver the vehicle, then you know how to parallel park.

    Please see my estimara and my result for reference.

    When you go to the Main Morur to collect your license card, bring all of your application documents such as eye exam result, University Certificate, etc., along with the driving test result

    Unlike before, Kuwait Licenses are now coterminus with your residence permit. So if by the time you get your license there are only 5 months remaining in your residence, your driving license will also expire in 5 months.

    If you fail the first time, it’s perfectly OK. Just practice more and you may be able to make it the next time.

    Remember: A good skill in Parallel Parking will make you pass the exam. Be sure how to do both the left and the right sides. All other tests are just common sense like stopping at an intersection and giving signals.

    1. Thank you sir JDC and Mangarap ka for your very helpful inputs, I pass the exam for one take only, without wasta or drive school only I practice the parallel parking un abu Halifa field.

      I just want to share that there is online booking for scheduling your exam:
      In this link

      And also you can practice theoretical exam in that site.

      Hope this inputs will help also to make your application easy.

    2. Hi, good to know about you passing the driving test and acquiring the license.

      I just wish to know the cost for
      1.each test you go to the test centre.(eg. stamp, car rental fee etc)
      2. Once i get the pass paper and go to my muroor, do i have to pay amount to get my card?

      Thanks a lot

      1. I am an under ministry (UMOH) nurse working i. Sabha hospital with 350kd salary. But my itnamel paper with 500kd. Can i get a license..?


      2. Dear,

        Please clarify, whether the salary should be 600 in Iznamel or 650? i saw in News, Arab times everywhere they mentioned KD600?

  12. Your article is very helpful but your lapses in grammar are way too annoying.

    Please don’t take it the wrong way but can you please observe some grammar rules when writing?

    For instance, when referring to subjects taking on plural form, you should use the article “these”. On the other hand, when referring to subjects taking on a singular form, you should use the article “this”.

    Below are some of your most noticeable grammar violations:

    1. “Prices vary” not “prices varies”
    2. “Tips on practical driving test” not “Tip on practical driving test”
    2. “Sponsor’s signature” not “sponsors signature”
    3. Some beginning letters of sentences are not capitalized.
    4. Incorrect spellings such as “great” to mean “greet” and “break” to mean “brake”

    In “about JDC” below, please consider rechecking and improving.

    Thank you for the article.

    1. Mangarap Ka,


    2. see dear he just gave a example ok he is not a teacher for teaching a students for grammar ok only for understanding purpose he posted thanks

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