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How to Correct ID English Name to Match Passport

PACI website

A recent decision to cancel residency stickers to passport has already taken effect, which means that civil id is necessary to travel in and out of Kuwait to verify your residency. The name of your civil id has to match your name in your passport to avoid getting denied from entry.

Chances of having a misspelled name, incorrect name sequence or weird name are common, so, this you need to fix. How do you correct your English name to match the name in your passport? Follow these steps:

change english name

Step 1: Go to the Paci eEnvelope system website

Step 2: Click on “non-Kuwaiti Renewal” icon

Step 3: Enter your Civil Id Number and the serial number found on your id

Step 4: Verify your mobile number.

Step 5: Enter all the required data.

Step 6: Upload all the required documents

You will receive an SMS with the reference number which you can use to track your application progress. Wait for few days and check for the status by visiting PACI website track transaction


Isang ordinaryong OFW sa Kuwait na kagaya ng lahat na gising, ligo, trabaho ang routine araw-araw at nangangarap na balang araw ay makakauwi na ang lahat ng OFW sa Pilipinas na hindi na maghihirap.

16 thoughts on “How to Correct ID English Name to Match Passport

  1. How about wrong passport number in my Civil ID instead of P012345A they put PA12345, Can I travel or need to fix it? note: my visa stamp still in my passport. Please advice ,Thanks!

    1. the rules only apply to those who renewed their civil id from march 10 (i think) onwards. I also think that the immigration will check your visa stamp and not your civil id.

  2. I am facing problems for my civil I’d name and passport name because my passport name Nabaraj timalsina but my civil I’d name :- Nabarj timalsina… there’s different pp… Nabaraj and civil I’d .. Nabarj . So if i go vacation immigration allows or not allowed please….. and tell me how can i change …….

  3. Hi,

    i have been checked my Latin name on my New civil id through Customer care 1889988 and found that my latin name was wroung. So i didnt paid the Civil ID fees still now. pleas etell me how to change the Latin name on my New civil ID before its going to print/paying the fee.

  4. Is it realiable the online correction of name.?will it really correct the mistake of name like lacking of 1 letter to the name.Bec we will travel in our country and i need to correct the name of my son in new civil id incorrect name.

    1. I tried to change my name using their new system. Unfortunately, I still need to go to PACI with my passport. Their system says that my latin name and arabic name does not match.

      1. Hi, I adapted my husband’s last name into my passport. Now, the arabic name on their system doesn’t match my passport’s name. I checked the status online and it says that I have to visit the PACI and bring my original passport. Do I have to bring or fill up any other forms or bringing my passport alone would be enough?

        1. I just brought my daughters passport when I did my correction with her english name. There’s no need to fill up any form.

          1. I have sucessfully change my name recently, and I want to share the whole process that I went through.

            1) Translation – Bring passport (copy & original) they will make a form updating & translating your Latin name into Arabic

            2) Jawazat – outside the Jawazat (Salmiya- I think it depends which area you are living), there are trucks making paperworks/typing. Show the paper you get from the translation, they will make another paper that you have to bring inside the Jawazat for stamping.

            3) After getting the stamp, they will tell you to go to fingerprinting (I think it also depends on which area you are living – we went to 6th ring road opposite Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium for fingerprinting)

            4) After having your fingerprints, come back to Jawazat office and have your updated information encoded into their system. Since my case was a major change in name (I adapt my husband’s last name) when we came back to Jawazat, the informations we updated wasn’t processed immediately and told us to come back after 3 to 4 days.

            5) After 4 working days, we came back to Jawazat and take a number, they will stamp again on your paper and update your information. They will get these papers and will give you a receipt that you sucessfully change your name. Check all the details on this receipt before leaving.

            6) Once you have checked all these new informations are correct and matched to your passport details, you may now request for your civil ID (Note: you can also check at PACI E-Envelope website if they’ve already updated your information)

  5. I did this procedure but it is useless. I’ve got my new civil ID and my name become more worst. It was 1 letter mistake in my previous civil ID and when I did it with this on line they add my middle name and the mistakes came out in my Middle and Surname. Their still follow the one that in the visa stickers which is wrong. They must follow the name in our passport. It is really big headache and wasting of money.

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